Common myths about asthma

Myth: People with asthma should not exercise.
Fact: Swimming is an optimal exercise for those with asthma. On the other hand, exercising in dry, cold air, may be a trigger for asthma in some people.

Myth: Moving to a different location, such as the desert, can cure asthma.
Fact: A new environment may temporarily improve asthma symptoms, but it will not cure asthma. After a few years in the new location, many persons become sensitized to the new environment and the asthma symptoms return with the same or even greater intensity than before.

Myth: You can "grow out of it."
Fact: You cannot outgrow asthma. In about 50% of children with asthma, the condition may become inactive in the teenage years. The symptoms, however, may reoccur at anytime in adulthood.

Myth: You are likely to develop asthma if someone in your family has it.
Fact: You have a 6% chance of having asthma if neither parent has the condition; a 30% chance if one parent has it; and a 70% chance if both parents have it.

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